Nicolas Cage’s Son Doesn’t Like Being Called Cage, Plans For A Name Change

Nicolas Cage is a very famous name in the Hollywood and actually a very famous and a successful actor too. Not many people know about this but many Hollywood celebs change their name when they try to get into the show business. According to a source, his troubled child wants to change his name too. Stay tuned to know the complete story.

Nicolas Cage


Nicolas Cage is a very famous and an A-lister Hollywood actor. Cage is an American actor, and also a director and producer. Beginning his career as an actor in 1982 Nicolas Cage has done over 90 movies.

Awards And Nominations



Nicolas is a very successful actor and has received many awards and nomination. He has received many awards including Academy Award nomination for two times winning an award for one in 1996.

Nicolas’ Family


Nicolas Cage is currently 54 years old and has been divorced three times. The first spouse of Nicolas cage was Patricia Arquette been married from 1995 to 2001. Then he got married to Lisa Marie Presley in 2002 and got divorced in 2004. Currently, he is married to Alice Kim but they have also separated.

Nicolas Cage’ Kids


Nicolas Cage is a said to be a very happy go lucky man and also a great father. Nicolas Cage is a father of 2 kids both sons. Stay tuned to more about Cage and his son’s problem on the next page…