Dogs are mans best friend, this statement has been proved time and again. Dogs are very smart animals, if you give them the love they need and train then them with care, they will stay by your side until the end. There have many amazing stories of dogs doing great deeds of kindness, just like those brave stories here we have a story about a 12 year old dog. He had a collar around his neck and no one knew what he was up to until they found out, read the article to know more…..

Dogs are mans best friend!


Dogs are mans best friend, the phrase relates to dogs close relations, loyalty, and companionship with humans. Dogs are one of the socially active animals, they are very friendly towards humans if given proper care and love.

12-year-old pup from New Zealand


Louis is a 12 year old dog from New Zealand, just like any other dogs, Louis is a very friendly, loyal and a brave dog. Louis since he was a pup had the habit of staying out of the house for long hours.

Soon Louis started getting older!


The 12 year old dog Louis belongs to Marolyn Diver, once Marolyn went out for some work, when she came back Marolyn was shocked and worried that her beloved dog Louis wasn’t home!

To Marolyn’s surprise, Louis came back!


Marolyn was very relieved that after waiting for hours Louis had finally returned home, but he was very exhausted.

Around his neck was a note!


When Louis came back, Marolyn noticed that he had a collar around his next and there was written something on it, what was return on it? Was someone in trouble? Find out on next page……

The note said….


Note said, “Louis is the hero of the day. He led me to Maddy in distress stuck under a branch pile. Cheers, Rob.”

Louis was on a rescue mission!


Louis was apparently on a rescue mission to save a friend in danger. The note was from their neighbor, Rob. Who did Louis went to rescue? Find out on next page…….

Rob went out to run some errands


When Rob went out for sometime, when he returned he was shocked to find that his beloved dog Rob was missing. Soon he saw a distressed Louis and Rob decided to follow him.

Louis is a hero!


Rob knew how exhausted Louis was, Louis led Rob straight to where Maddy was stuck under a woodpile. Rob decided to thank Louis for bravery so he went to meet Louis the next day with his beloved dog Maddy!