NPR Host Robert Siegel Bids Adieu

Bidding Farewell is really to work is really difficult. And if you have worked for 30 years it’s more difficult. It’s Robert Siegel’s last day facilitating NPR’s All Things Considered. He’s had that activity for as long as 30 years and held numerous different positions at NPR before that. As both a colleague and an audience, WBUR’s Managing Director of News and Programming Sam Fleming has a couple of musings on Siegel and his vocation.



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For The Past 30 Years


In an interview Robert Siegel NPR host said “For the past 30 years, I’ve been doing the same job: hosting All Things Considered. And doing it very happily.”

Everything Robert Has done at NPR


As with everything Robert has done at NPR, he’s going out with the same dignity, class and decorum that have characterized his tenure as the longest-serving host in NPR history.

Industry’s Highest Awards


Host Robert Siegel of NPR has earned a portion of the business’ most astounding honours, including a cameo on “The Simpsons.” Who can forget when the curmudgeonly Mr Burns watches as a wing of his mansion is destroyed — and Siegel shows up with a boom box? stay tuned for more information related to the Robert Siegel.