Donald Trump might be the present president however as far as who Americans most admire, his ancestor and the individual he beat in the 2016 election top the list. Former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton remain the most admired man and the lady in the United States — a 10-year trend for Obama and 16 years running for Clinton. Let us read the article to know the whole news.

Annual Gallup poll says


The yearly survey has been taken each year, however, one since 1946 and asks that respondents name their most admired man and lady, and additionally their second decision.

Obama is most admired man


Gallup’s December survey discovered 17% of respondents named Obama the man they admired most, a dip from 22% of respondents saying a similar a year ago. President Donald Trump took second place with 14% of respondents referring to him when asked, open-ended, to name the man they admired most.

Few people were unable to decide


Gallup said in regards to one-fourth of respondents couldn’t name a man or lady they admire the most, generally like a year ago’s share who offered no opinion in response to the question.

Who took the third position?


The two presidents were the main ones to gain double-digit support. Pope Francis took third place with 3% of respondents, and whatever is left of the main dozen men included government officials, religious figures, and tycoons.

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Most admired ladies


Clinton’s sixteenth continuous year topping the most admired ladies’ survey displayed her support dip this time from 12% to 9% of respondents. Former first lady Michelle Obama came in second with 7% of respondents, and the third-place finisher at 4% support was Oprah Winfrey.

What do you think about Melania Trump?


Whatever remains of the list included political figures, British royalty and Beyoncé Knowles. One percent of those reviewed named the first lady Melania Trump their most admired lady, carrying her name into the best level out of the blue.

Clinton is most admired one


Clinton has topped the list 16 years running and taken the best spot 22 times total, which Gallup said was more than any other person — man or lady. Obama’s tenth year as most admired man makes him to second just to former President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Obama is most loved former president


Gallup said sitting presidents more often than not win the most admired spot, and that Obama was the first former president to top the list since Eisenhower.

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Who dropped the support?


A Gallup poll released earlier this month displayed the offer of US adults holding a favorable opinion of Clinton had dropped to 36%, a new low. In any case, Clinton sufficiently held support among the public to top each other lady on the list.

Donald Trump’s ratings


At the same time, second-place finisher Trump’s positive rating was down to 41% of respondents in the Gallup survey, and he has kept on winning the lowest approval ratings of any president now in the activity since the start of modern polling.

How many people were involved in the poll?


Gallup’s survey of 1,049 US adults was taken from December 4-11, 2017, with a margin of error of ±4% points.