The Obama Years- The President We All Loved- Pictures We Adored

We as a whole realize that Donald Trump won the US Presidential Elections, yet that doesn't mean individuals will overlook the previous US President Barack Obama whenever sooner or ever. Obama is respected broadly for his lead and the atmosphere that he reflects. We likewise cherish him for his specialty of wearing his heart on his sleeves. Well-meriting the title of the coolest US Prez, Obama is somebody, each world pioneer ought to take in something from.

9. Barack Obama Riding The Elevator At The White House


This was taken amid a tiring day when he went to no less than 10 inaugural balls.

10. Obama Holding The Child Of One Of His Staff Members


The offspring of London Rakestraw and Darienne Page Rakestraw in his arms.


11. Barack Obama Playing Peek-A-Boo


He was messing around with Emmett Beliveau’s girl. Would it be able to get any cuter?

12. Obama And The XIV Dalai Lama


Two extraordinary pioneers in a solitary snap.