The Obama’s Are Trying Their Hands On In The Entertainment Industry

The former President and the First Lady are loved by everyone in the world. Their deeds and actions are often appreciated and adored. Both the partners are constantly involved in charities and social awareness projects. It now seems that couple is also trying to get into the Entertainment industry and we are all eager to know the outcome of their joint efforts. Read more to know what exactly are they planning for.

Barack And Michelle Obama Trying New Ventures


The famous couple has been involved in many activities after the end of their tenure. It seems they want to give the world some more taste of their perfection and hospitality.

Trying To Produce Shows On Netflix


The former President and his lady love have decided to head into the world of entertainment. They have decided to produce a series of “high profile shows” for the streaming company.

Negotiations Are Going On


As per sources, it is quoted that Mr. Obama is currently in “advanced” negotiations to give exclusive content to live stream with his wife. However, the format and further details have not yet disclosed.

Netflix Has Not Given Any Confirmation


Netflix as of yet hasn’t given any confirmation about this. As described the deal with Netflix will take The Obama’s much closer to the public like their social media interactions. Barack Obama already has gained 17million followers on Instagram and if the Netflix deal goes well the Obama’s will gain more popularity even in future. Read more on next page…