When you’re talking about having a full plate, a few of the Teen Mom franchise families come to mind and that includes Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea and Cole DeBoer and their growing brood!

Hands full, hearts full

Fan favorites Chelsea and Cole like to keep things lively in their home and they never disappoint!


For quite some time the couple only had Miss Aubree to take care of but it didn’t stay that way for long!

Pups errrywhere!

Even long before Cole, Chelsea and Aubree have always kept at least 2 pups around. Also, if you don’t follow Chelsea on Snapchat, do yourself a favor and do it now! She posts the most hilarious clips of her humongous Great Dane and his ‘blankie’!


Chelsea and Cole first ‘baby’ that they got together was a piglet that they named Pete!

Real baby on the way!

Not long after we were swooning over Pete’s piggy birthday party, the couple announced they were having a real baby of their own!

Watson Cole

These days baby’s Watson Cole has captured our hearts in all of his adorable baby glory but that doesn’t mean that Chelsea and Cole are done expanding their family!

We’ve got this!

Some fans have questioned how much the couple can take on with a newborn but we’re pretty sure they wouldn’t take on anything that they couldn’t handle! See the adorable addition —>

Grandma & Grandpa

Two baby ducklings have officially joined the DeBoer family! And they named them Grandma and Grandpa in typical hilarious Chelsea fashion!

Up next!

Chelsea has also been researching chickens as well so they may be coming up next! What do you think about Chelsea and Cole’s tiny farm they’re building?! Tell us in the comments!

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