A couple of apparent deaths occurred on the latest episode of Game Of Thrones, and now one actress has confirmed she won’t be returning to the show.

The Queen’s Justice saw Euron Greyjoy deliver his ‘gift’ to Cersei Lannister in hopes of an allegiance-


Where Euron Greyjoy paraded a captured Ellaria Sand and her daughter Tyene to the Iron Throne leader.

Revenge !

It was a significant gift because Ellaria was responsible for killing Cersei’s daughter Myrcella back in season five, after planting a poisonous kiss on her lips before she departed for King’s Landing.

So how did Cersei get revenge?


By planting a poisonous kiss on Tyene’s lips, before leaving the pair in the cellars below so Ellaria could watch her daughter gradually die before her eyes. Charming.

Ellaria Sand (Indira Varma) said:

In the episode, we never actually see the scene brought to its grisly end, but actress Indira Varma who plays Ellaria Sand has confirmed she won’t be seen on the show again.

But why?


Varma said: ‘[Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] called me, but I kind of knew already.

Indira wasn’t heartbroken.!

‘Obviously there’s lots of trimming going on. It’s all coming to a head and you have to get rid of less important characters that the audience hasn’t had the chance to invest in as much. So I was expecting it. I wasn’t heartbroken.

What will happen on screen?


‘And I was like, “As long as I die on screen…’ and they were like “Yeah!” But of course I don’t die on screen. I stay alive, I’m just not going to reappear. I think it’s really clever.’

So there we go – a moment for Ellaria’s scream please.

Speaking about the scene itself, Varma was pretty ecstatic with the ‘dark’ unpredictability of not knowing Cersei’s plan.‘I just thought the delivery of that information was so clever,’ Varma added. ‘Especially since the kiss becomes before the information.’