OMG! Kail Publicaly Calls Out Baby Daddy, Here is another controversial story about Kail revealing amazing news about baby daddy, to know more about the story read the article below.


After announcing that she was pregnant with baby number 3, Kail Lowry first claimed that she wasn’t ready to talk about the father of the baby yet..


But it appears that the Teen Mom star may have had a change of heart…


When asked about the baby daddy Kail actually tags him, herself!


But apparently baby daddy Chris doesn’t want to be involved, at least on twitter anyway, he quickly deactivated his account after Kail tagged him!


Kail’s baby daddy #3’s twitter before he deactivated!


A source close to Kail revealed that they were friends whose relationship progressed into what it is now but it seems like things must have taken a turn for the worse between the 2. A source close to Kailyn confirms that the relationship between Lowry and her new boyfriend has “slowly progressed from frienship into what it is now.”

7. Uh oh

When asked by a fan, Kail declares she’s not in a relationship at the moment!


This is also a previous account of baby daddy’s Chris that he deactivated once fans caught on to him!

9. Tell US

Do you blame baby daddy Chris for not wanting to be publicaly involved in all of Kail’s drama? Tell Us in the comments!

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