OMG! Kail’s BFF Accidentally Drops a Bombshell About Her Pregnancy! Here we have a great news where the Teen Mom 2 start Kailyn Lowry’s BFF Accidentally Drops a Bombshell About Her Pregnancy!. To know more read the article.

#1 Kail’s pregnancy

With fans already being very confused about the timeline of Kail’s pregnancy and her divorce, what the bombshell best friend reveals makes things even blurrier…


Kristen is the best friend of Kail. If you follow Kail on Twitter then you’re probably familiar with her best friend Kristen (Correia) Hook.

#3 Kristen

Kristen is makeup artist. Kristen is also Kail’s makeup artist and even styled her for her book cover photo. Kristen and Kail have great bonding with each other.

#4 Tweet

Kristen can also be seen ferociously defending Kail on Twitter most of the time. Kristen recently retweeted to Kail’s tweet when about how Kristen hold her life.

#5 Too much

This time her friend Kristen may have revealed too much about Kail’s pregnancy  though social media

#6 Kristen’s tweet

The friend tweets that Kail had 2 miscarriages! One was by ex-husband Javi and was shown on the Teen Mom 2 show, so who was the 2nd miscarriage by?!

#7 Rumors

There are many rumor revolving around Kail’s baby. There are some rumors about baby’s daddy too. Could it have been by rumored baby daddy Chris Lopez also?


And if she suffered a miscarriage before this pregnancy, when did she actually conceive? As we already told you that, Kail was going to quit the show due to ugly fight with Javi Marroquin in front of her children.

#9 Baby Name

As you know Kail is due this summer so she’s over half way through her pregnancy. So that Kailyn Lowry has picked some adorable names for her baby.

#10 Tell us

So many questions and we don’t see Kail giving up any information soon! Do you think the father of her 2nd miscarriage is the same one of her current pregnancy?! Tell us in the comments!