Leah Messer’s ex Jeremy Calvert has been in Teen Mom news a lot lately…

Mainly because of his very embarrassing split with fiancé Broke Wehr

 Sounds about right, too bad his name was involved with the producers along with @tiffanay_Conn and @anancea and only 1000 other people. Go get him, I’m out.

Not only did she accuse him of cheating on her, but said it was with one of the MTV producers!

“Yea you’re right, you just talk to someone for hours on end every day until 2 AM. Haha I don’t know who the hell you think you are fooling but a terrible liar. “Tim”, btw @anancea you are under “Tim” in his phone, so nice to meet ya ”  a mentioned in one of the social media post

He then cussed her out in his own Instagram rant. Stay classy! But is he now in trouble with the law?!

He Said ” Bhahahahah funny thing is I haven’t hooked up with either of them so funny… so how f***ing ignorant and ate with social media u are. Some people were so right peace crazy bitch.  ”


This photo emerged of Jeremy handcuffed in the back of a police car, what could’ve happened?!

So what was the photo all about?

As soon as the photo appeared, twitter fans went crazy. But father of Messer’s youngest daughter Addie, almost 3, took to Twitter to calm fans who assumed he had gotten arrested.

Boys will be boys! Seems like a pretty funny albeit scary prank though!

He later told his fans: “Friend of mine is a cop so in return I got a dirty joke played on me years ago after turning 21” the 26 year old pipeline engineer wrote.

Rumors have also sparked of a possible reconciliation with Leah Messer, Jeremy wanted to set the record straight about that as well…

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