The man in this story was out for a walk in the woods and when he came across noises that he had never heard before…He made the fateful decision to investigate the matter even further and his findings just might shock you.

The guy in this story was out for a walk in the woods and when he heard noises that he had never heard before.


He believed that he was hearing to an animal off in the distance somewhere. Since he was well known with the place in which he found himself, he made the decision to find the matter even further and his invention just might shock you.

Once he went near to the animal, its horrifying face came into total view and this guy immediately regretted his decision to check out more about the animal’s status.


The creature had big teeth that were reminiscent of razors and we cannot believe that an animal like this one is running around in the woods, where they could get their paws on any number of the innocent people.

Somehow, the man’s were soon relieved when he listened another fellow call out to the creature and tell him to come closer.


The animal’s name was Buster and he was not a scary animal at all, he was a dog who was wearing a werewolf muzzle during his foray into the woods. Why in the world would anyone willingly choose to place something so terrifying on their animal and place them at risk?

Can you imagine what would have happened if that guy had been holding a gun and decided to shoot the animal on the spot?


We can’t say that we would have blamed him, in all honesty. The muzzle is worn by owners who wish to give their dog the ability to open their mouth and pant. This is certainly understandable, but still somewhat complicated.

Many places have taken the step of tell owners to keep muzzles on their dogs when they are going to be outside in public for an extended period of time.


These requests make sense, but why someone wants to pretend their dog as a monster.

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