Who is he? Let’s find out!!


Kailyn Lowry can’t keep her third pregnancy a secret any longer! The Teen Mom 2 star is expecting a child  with her third baby daddy

Multiple insiders close to Lowry, 24, confirmed that she is pregnant.


Meet Chris! For some reason, he seems a bit shy, or either Kail wants to keep him all to herself! But there’s more we know about him!

The two probably met at Delaware State University, where she’s currently finishing up her bachelor ‘s Degree in Communications

These two were friends for a while before they took things romantic a friend of Kail says

He keeps his twitter locked after some haters found him!

A source close to Kailyn confirms that the relationship between Lowry and her new boyfriend has “slowly progressed from friendship into what it is now.”

The guy apparently won’t be making many appearances on TM2, and he’s asked that his identity be kept under wraps, but it seems he’s wrapped up in the constant drama of Kailyn’s life nonetheless


Well, we all know that nothing can be a secret for a long time and soon everything will be clear.

Earlier this year, Kailyn hinted that she would be open to having more babies if she “met someone and fell in love,” and apparently that’s happened with a mystery boyfriend!


“I am pregnant,” said Kailyn “Please know this was a choice I made, I already know some won’t agree but I’ve been showered with support by the ones I love since I found out.