It’s practically the Ok now to have the lady’s husband together with her in the delivery room when she’s having a child, regardless of the possibility that some are a lil bit disgusted about the entire thing.  But one family made it a stride facilitate by having their twelve-year-old little girl really help deliver her baby brother — truly — as in, getting her hands in there and hauling him out.

As you can imagine, it’s getting a remarkable response via web-based networking media.

Here are the photos that mother Nikki Smith shared of her girl, Jacee, getting her younger sibling the world.

“Meet Jacee! This twelve year old helped deliver her baby brother and the emotions on her face is too amazing not to share! You’re a superstar Jacee!”  Smith captioned the photos.

Individuals thought it was an entirely Amazing Experience.

“Amazing what a great doc to allow her to be right there in front of him. Wonder how many deliveries he has done and how often he has had the sibling do just what she did! LOVE IT!” on person wrote.

“Oh my gosh!!!!!!! That is a bond that will NEVER be broken between the two! I can hear her now when he gets older “don’t talk to me like that I delivered you!” another person wrote.

But, there were likewise the individuals who thought that it was exasperating and felt that a twelve-year-old shouldn’t be seeing something that very close.

“I guess I’m the only one who thinks this is really weird. To each their own, but I’m not really down with letting my child stare at/touch around on my vagina while it gets torn open. If my momma made me do this, I’d be completely traumatized,” one commenter said.

“I’m surprised at all the positive comments, at 12 years old depending on the maturity of the child this could be a traumatic experience, there’s other ways to share this bonding experience besides seeing and participating in the actual delivery,” wrote another.

“Well w/e floats your boat, but Idk that witnessing a birth is the best thing for any kid. I personally would not let my 12 year old in the delivery room w/ me, let alone assisting the delivery. Also, as much as I love that hair color, kinda not good letting your 12 year old dye their hair. Their hair should not be damaged at such a young age. Sorry, but I think this all seems like she’s being pushed into experiencing adult stuff way too soon,” this one said.

Others thought this was unquestionably an affair that would lastingly affect her

“Plot twist! She becomes an amazing OBGYN and delivers hundreds of babies,” one wrote.

“This is how midwives and obstetricians get hooked — amazing!!” said another.

What’s more, obviously, some observed a moment, reasonable reason.

“Best birth control ever,” wrote one person.

“That’s one way to get your 12 yr old not to have sex!” wrote another.

But for those stressed over her being “damaged,” rest guaranteed that she’s doing OK.

“I just saw Jacee at Bible school, at church…she is 100% NOT terrified or traumatized! Happy as can be, smiling ear to ear!” one person said.

I don’t know how this experience will influence her, and to be perfectly honest, that is between the family. All I know is that a) her hair rocks and b) she’s significantly more daring than I am.