OMG! TM Dad Proposes, She Said YES!!! Here we have another story from the Teen Mom 2 one of the teen dad has propose a lady. Read the article to know who are they.

#1 WOW

This Teen Mom OG dad is one of the last we would expect to be ready to walk down the aisle but he is!

#2 Mackenzie Standifer

It seems like we’ve just been introduced to Ryan Edwards’ lady, Mackenzie Standifer on the show..

#3  Mackenzie

But they’ve actually been together for quite a while, Mackenzie just wasn’t interested in being involved on the show.

#4 Official

Ryan really loves this girl and decided to make it official by putting a ring on it!

#5 Engagement ring

Mackenzie shows off her gorgeous engagement ring, good job Ryan!

#6 The test

Mackenzie has passed the test with Maci also, Maci gushed that she really liked Mackenzie and hoped Ryan holds on to this one!

#7 Tweet

Mom Jenn must have helped with choosing this rock, we don’t see Ryan tackling this task alone!

#8 The plan is to marry in November 2017

They couple has already set a date as well! Or a month at least, the plan is to marry in November 2017 according to Mackenzie! Congrats to this adorable couple!

#9 Baby Girl

Previously we said about Ryan’s Edward’s New Baby Girl!! To read the story click here

#10 Tell Us

Are you hoping the couple’s wedding will be shown on Teen Mom OG?! Tell us in the comments!