Kail Lowry has kept most info about baby daddy #3, Chris, to herself…

We think she need bit privacy with this and trying to hide most of the things from media

Aside from a few old Twitter exchanges they don’t communicate much via social media..

Yes, our team have been following them all over the internet and there’s very little information or conversation available. Few tweets exchange and likes

So when she posted this next tweet, we officially knew it was over..

Yes, we all thought it’s all over again, but there is a twist. May be it’s over or may be not.

But maybe not for long!

When Allie asked her, is she in a relationship right now. She replied with a no. Allie also told her that her boys are very well behaved and credit goes to mom.

Kail was caught ‘favoriting’ one of his tweets just the other day, and it gets juicier…

We are trying to find what’s going on in her mind.

If you follow Kail on Snapchat, she posted a video yesterday early morning in which a male can be heard talking to her in the background…

What do you think, who this man was? Hopefully Chris or someone else or a friend? We are still wondering

Sure it could’ve been just a friend but 7 am is pretty early for a friend to come hang out right?

Some fans don’t think the two every really split up and that Kail just said that to keep the spotlight off of him…

Do you think Kail and Chris are still together? Tell US in the comments!

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