Game Of Thrones series has many couples like infamous brother and sister in Kingslanding, Ned Stark and his Wife, etc. But one couple with a true love story was of Jon Snow And Ygritte, and now they are a couple in the real world as well. Read the article to find out more.

Many fans are rooting for Jon Snow and Ygritte as the best couple.


Remember the steamy moments between them in the previous season? that’s the moment probably they decided to take it a step further and make the relationship even better.

Fans were very sad when Ygritte died in the previous season.

The fans were very sad when Jon and Ygritte couldn’t be together in the series but wait…. here’s a surprise for all the fans.

While you were feeling sad that they couldn’t be together…


While all the fans were sobbing on the fact that the couple couldn’t get to be together in the series, the couple in real life surprised their fans by moving in together.

You heard it right!


Jon Snow and Ygritte were sad in the show but not in real life, as Kit Harington(Jon Snow) was happy because he was dating Rose Leslie who is also know as Ygritte in the show!

Jon had taken a vow of celibacy.


Even though Jon Snow had taken a vow of celibacy to the Nights Watch, he was very much in love with Ygritte, but not just in the show but in real life as well!

Ygritte or Rose Leslie


The wildling Ygritte to is madly in love with the co-actor Kit Harington, they became more serious about their relationship after their steamy scene in the last season after which they decided to move in together.

Recently on The Late Late Show with James Corden.


The cute couple Kit Harington and Rose Leslie were seen recently on the show The Late Late Show with James Corden where she pressured Kit to get engaged! Did it work?

As a matter of fact it did!


In a shocking event Kit Harington popped the question to Rose Leslie and they’re now engaged!