Outrageous Things People Carrying Caught By Airport Security

Since past, till now many people have attempted to smuggle a lot of harmful things on a plane. Knowingly or unknowingly this could be very dangerous, but it is surprising to know that people still try to do that and are caught. Read the article to see whats shocking things people try to smuggle in planes.

Inert Grenades


For those who all don’t know inert grenades are fake grenade, which are usually used for military or security training purposes. They are perfectly safe to carry around. But if carried around in a plane it could give someone a panic attack!

Big bullets.


With such a tight security and checking at the airport it is impossible to carry any dangerous material, but this guy had hundreds of bullets in his bag.

Live Purple Smoke Grenade


If not a live grenade, let me tell you smoke grenade is also a bad idea! Apparently a guy checked in with a smoke grenade on the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport.

Used Anti-Tank Weapon


Now why would anyone carry an bazooka on a [email protected]#$% plane! This guy must be nuts! You cannot just walk around with these!

Two birds wrapped in socks like a mummy!


Apparently the two birds were wrapped in socks and taped on a woman’s chest, the woman involved here was arrested for smuggling birds. It was later reported that the birds each had swallowed two bird-sized condoms full of black tar heroin.

Centuries Old Cannon Barrel


If not an anti tank weapon it’s not advised to carry an antique cannon barrel. The cannon was later donated to a museum!



This poor little Chihuahua was being smuggled, apparently it had climbed into her owner’s suitcase while she was packing for her trip without her knowing.

Mortar Round


That’s probably not a good way to transport live explosives! It was confiscated at El Paso International Airport.