Outrageous!! Upset Fans Slammed Jenelle Evans For being Inattentive!!!

Teen Mom 2 has had seen a number of controversies ranging from Hair Pulling madness to Teen Mom Screaming and throwing things around on set. Every time a controversy emerged, the fanbase was crestfallen. Now, the fans have slammed Jenelle Evans for her incautious behavior. Read to know the entire story..

Not to escape Mom Duties!

Recent slamming makes a sense about escaping parental duties and Negligence! Fans have slammed Jenelle, right and left this time for being negligent towards her daughter. Being a Mom is called to be a difficult Job. All of the Teen Mom cast members had to experience this difficulty firsthand when they first became pregnant before even graduating the high school.

Jenelle has to face the heat!

Jenelle Evans was slammed lately for an incautious behavior. Teen Mom Fanbase has been following the show religiously and any negligence by the Teen Moms cause them a huge disappointment. This time Jenelle was at the end to face the heat from the fanbase.

When Family seems all fine, trouble arrives!!!

It’s often said there no such things as ‘Good Going’ on the show Teen Mom. When all was looked fine! Jenelle posted a snap of her daughter in which it looked the baby was all wet and playing in the water, even after being sick.


This enraged Fans!


Without leaving much for Jenelle to say, fans slammed her right and left. One of the followers even said, “Whenever I’m sick I try to rest but after awhile, you almost feel better if you distract yourself and do something. Kids are the same way. I do not like Jenelle at all, but if letting [Ensley play] distracts her and helps her feel a little better, no worries,” wrote user SweetTchr.

After facing a lot of negativity, Jenelle changed caption!

After facing a lot of negativity, she, however, changed the caption of the picture she posted. She wrote “She sure is having a lot of fun.  #LittlePrincess #WaterBaby#Adorable.” Fans were even less impressed by this change.

Not a good phase for Jenelle?

After into a controversy lately, where she pulled a Gun on another driver after the accident has had pulled a lot of negativity for Jenelle. And now, after everything seemed to have settled down, Jenelle got her self into another trouble when she posted the photo. Hope things turn around good for Jenelle!

Is she busy shooting for MTV without David?

Even after doing Drama and showing her Antics on the set of Teen Mom, MTV went on to shoot with Jenelle. She was seen requesting MTV for a return of her husband on the show who was fired lately, But she has resumed shooting for the show.