Passport Of These Countries Can Give You Visa-Free Access To Other Countries

A wise person once said, “If traveling was free, you wouldn’t see me again.” But even if you have money you can not travel out of your country unless you have a passport and visa to enter another country. But there are countries of which if you have a passport, can give you access to lot other countries Visa-free or visa on arrival. Here are few such countries.

#10 Latvia


Latvia is country that lies between Lithuania and Estonia on the Baltic Sea. It has a very beautiful landscape adorned with wide beaches as well as dense, sprawling forests. Latvia has visa-free access to 170 countries holding the 10th position.

#9 Hungary



Hungary the landlocked country has access to 171 countries. Budapest is bisected by the Danube River and its cityscape is studded with architectural landmarks from Buda’s medieval Castle Hill.

#8 Iceland


Iceland beautiful heaven on Earth has access to 172 nations. Even after that, it has a population of 334 thousand only.

#7 Czech Republic, Malta, and New Zealand


Since 2018 Czech Republic, Malta, and New Zealand have access to 173 nations. People from New Zealand can reside in Australia indefinitely. Stay tuned to know the names of the countries holding top 6 positions on next page…