November 30, 2013, the most loved star who worked alongside Vin Diesel from the Fast and the Furious franchise, Paul Walker, lost his life to a fateful accident. Paul once said “If someday speed would kill me, do not cry, I was smiling” – Paul Walker. Now his daughter has all grown up and you will be amazed to see what she is doing for her dad. Read the article to know more.

1. The tragic accident

On 30 November 2013, Paul Walker was killed in a car crash. Roger Rodas was driving the Porsche nearly 55 miles faster than the speed limit when it crashed into a lamppost and two trees.

2. Meadow was 15 when Paul died.

At the time of the accident, Paul had been staying with his daughter for almost two years. And she was 15 years old when he died. No age is good to lose parents, but if it’s a teenage, it is worse.

3. Meadow is a big girl now and has been taking up some really big projects.

Meadow finishing up her high school and is all set to be a grown up, working on big projects.

4. Several years ago

And at such a young age, it is amazing what she is choosing to do with the money.

5. The foundations purpose is to honour her father and his passion.

From his childhood it was Paul walker’s passion for the ocean, rescuing the animals and helping people is not hidden from us. And his daughter is working on keeping that alive.

6. Paul’s passion for the ocean.

Did you know that Paul was a member of The Board of Directors of The Billfish Foundation and participated in the ‘Shark Men’ expedition on the National Geographic Channel?

7. Paul was a great Humanitarian.

In 2010, he travelled to Chile to support the victims of the 8.8 magnitude Earthquake. Also, he helped the injured people in Hawaii when the earthquake hit there.

8. Meadow is ready to take after her father’s generosity.

With the Paul Walker Foundation, Meadow is awarding all those who have contributed to the community. The award also includes scholarships.

9. The Paul Walker Foundation.

Paul has spent a lot of his time learning about the oceans, and the foundation will continue to do the same, keeping his passion alive.

10. We can never forget him and his work.

Paul Walker one of the most amazing actors will always stay in our hearts forever, and we are really proud of Meadow for carrying on the patrimony with such perfection.