People Abandoned Their Dogs In The Flood And Left Them To Die, It Will Break Your Heart

The water was above her paws and a chain tying her to a pole, the dog looked on the verge of becoming a victim of Hurricane Harvey.

They are searching for their owners.


So far has been unable to trace who was living at the trailer before they left Lucky tied up. She and the other animals had been well-looked after before they left, but they need human attention soon.

Connellan would be happy to step into the breach, after forming a bond with the energetic mongrel.

‘I’d love to take Lucky to live with me in New York, but sadly I’ll have to wait and go through the proper channels. I’m disappointed in people who abandon their animals. I feel good about what I did. There is no doubt in my mind, if I didn’t unleash Lucky from the tree, she would have drowned.’