People Are Posting Amazing Photos Of The Fierce Cold In USA And Canada And They Are A Real Sight

9. Even The Window Cracked


This photo was posted on tweeter by a resident of Canada, according to her the cracking of window sounded like a gunshot.

10. Is He Drinking Ice?


Icicles form on the Tritons in the Forsyth Park fountain, making it seems as if the man is eating the ice.


11. Frozen Minnehaha Falls


That’s cold enough to freeze a waterfall. The photo shows the temperature dropped so much that it even froze off a waterfall.

12. Pancake Ice


Holy carp, that’s a real thing! According to Wikipedia “Pancake ice is a form of ice that consists of round pieces of ice with diameters ranging from 30 centimetres to 3 meters depending on the local conditions that affect ice formation. Stay tuned For more pictures.