People Are Sharing Their Preemie Kids With Their Lovable Smiles And The Internet Is Loving It

One of the most amazing and cherishable moments in the world would be the birth of a baby when a baby is born he/she brings many tears, smiles and joy to the people around them. The first cry of the baby when it comes out gives you the most beautiful feeling in the world. But there something unique about baby's smile that shows us how happy they are to be in this world. Here we have some beautiful examples of such babies, read the article to know more.....

The shy smile!


Kate Hoffman posted a picture of her beautiful newborn smiling, she said, “My sweet boy was born at 34 weeks and weighed 5lb 4oz. After 2 weeks in the NICU, he is home and growing more every day! Those smiles are the best.”

The best smile ever!


Angela Soilleux shares her experience, “I was told my lil girl would never smile after she suffered a stroke when she was born she loves proving everybody wrong.” This next baby has a smile you have never seen before, I bet this baby will make you smile too, read on Next Page to find out……