Social networking has made for some entirely intriguing improvements in our lives. We’re currently at a point where we can realize what VIPs had for breakfast or watch a Friend live stream a show and feel like you’re there.

However, there are some innovative movements which can get… all things considered, sort of cozy, and one such refresh has even got some boyfriends into the crap.

Snapchat’s new update implies users would now be able to see where their friends are geographically at any one time.

So now you can’t mislead your friends or partner about where you are, because they’ll know.


Oops. I wouldn’t want to be him when she clocks on.

The new update seems to have been divided over whether it’s cool or scary.

I think it’s horrifying. I don’t really want everybody to know where I am at all times,” said Ally Costanza of Buffalo.

Few  people are happy with a new update.

When Snapchat users zoom out on the camera screen, a map will pop up. It’s a new feature called “Snap Map” that constantly tracks your location and shares it with your friends, if you allow it.

Haha… Actually this is terrible if someone is stalking you..

Most of the users, in fact Snapchat is one of the most highly used apps when it comes to elementary schools and middle schools. So a lot of these are really young people who really don’t understand privacy or location as much or care about it.

The new programming is just a couple of days old and it has as of now incited a notice from UK police about potential dangers.

Good afternoon everyone!For all the snapchat users on here, in the last few days they have released a new update which…

Posted by Preston Police on Friday, June 23, 2017

You can also share your location with your friends and family.

You can turn off your location data completely by selecting Snapchat under your settings, tap location and select never.


There are few Privacy modes in which we can select mode “Public” and “Selected Friends”.

You don’t have to give away your location on Snapchat if you don’t want to. You can stay off the grid by going in ghost mode (in ghost mode you can still see your friends locations) or choose to just not allow the feature altogether.