So finally Apple has launched its new flagship phone which is itself a revolution. There are many features which are included in this phone like, the new glass body now supports wireless charging. The all-new OLED screen is just amazing and the color variations are just amazing. But the usual problem with people who have used iPhone 4 or 4s with a glass back and front know what its like to drop their phone resulting in shattered screens.

iPhone X Released


Its Apple’s 10th anniversary and as expected, the company had something big coming for the users. The all-new iPhone X is here and you should know the advantages and disadvantages of this model.

The Glass Body


The most up to date iPhone, which begins at $999, has a huge amount of favor fancy odds and ends. It additionally like other new models the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 or more, highlights an all-glass body, which takes into consideration remote charging.

Chances Of Getting It Wreaked


However, any individual who possesses an iPhone knows there would one say one is a vital thing to ask of any new model: What are the odds I am will shatter this thing? The appropriate response, as per numerous tech bloggers and columnists, is high.

Shattering Test


Some YouTubers also drop tested these new models and came to a conclusion that the glass can shatter just after dropping it from a pocket height. Hope you will take care of it you have one.

Phone Case Is Mandatory


The drop test ended up with a conclusion that you will need a case for this iPhone to protect it from shattering when you accidentally drop it. Take it into consideration that that glass replacement is not cheap.

Want To Fix The Glass?


It additionally isn’t modest to replace the glass. Apple charges $550 to settle the back of the phone on the off chance that you don’t have Applecare. Update: This is after you effectively paid $999 for the phone.

Lesson Learned?


unfortunately, a few people are sharing via social media they took in this lesson the most difficult way possible. It really cool to use the iPhone without a case but now you know how much it can cost you.

Some Unlucky People


Many reported on the shattered screen of iPhone X and some shattered hearts too. This guy right here took this beautiful picture of his new phone just before he dropped it and broke the screen.