People Think The Man Is Crazy To Live In a Cave But When You Look Inside……

Most people prefer to live in the thriving metropolis cities to make a living and some who are not so fond of the metro city culture prefer to live in the country side. But this particular guy, people thought he is crazy to live in a cave, but when you look inside his cave you will be shocked! Read the article to know more….

Angelo Mastropietro is the guy!


Angelo Mastropietro was a normal guy living in in Australia, Angelo was a successful businessman who had the perfect life, but then suddenly he did something shocking….

He took a shocking decision!


Angelo decided to give up his perfect life and his successful job and decided to give up living in his modern home and move into a home where our thousands of years old ancient ancestors lived! See on the next page where he lived…

Angelo had a medical condition!


Angelo was diagnosed with a serious condition,he was suffering from multiple sclerosis in 2007. Angelo was very shocked when he was shocked with such a serious disease and this changed his life!

Angelo discovered something that cheered him up!


Angelo soon discovered a 250 million-year-old cave that he had seen 10 years earlier, this cheered him up to something really exciting. See on the next page what he did with this cave!

250 million-year-old cave


Angelo discovered this ancient cave 10 years ago while he was seeking shelter from a rainstorm. The cave wasn’t at all fit for living, but Angelo managed to do the impossible!

Angelo turned the cave into a dream home.


Angelo took eight months to build this dream home from a ancient cave, he put his all time, energy, and money into it and finally made a home that people would die to live in! See some amazing pictures of his home on next page….

Transformation of the Worcestershire, England cave.


After Angelo was finished, his super modern cave had everything from running water, underfloor heating, and Wi-Fi. He also had an amazing kitchen, bedroom and a beautiful hall!

Angelo did a fine job


Angelo when finally finished decorating his home and it’s amazing. His house is something everyone in the world would die to live in!