People Who Thought Things Doesn’t Cost Money

People usually have a thing this in their mind that if they are asking for something, people can actually do it for free. Even if you take into consideration that people work for you for free you have to be at that much level. There’s isn’t anything in today’s world that will not cost you anything. Everything has it’s own price as people are trying to survive in this brutal world. Here are some pictures that show you how people can be so stupid at times.

1. Famous Enough


There are some people who also think they can get this art free of cost as they are just so famous they won’t be charged for that. Some people are just too stupid.

2. Producing An Album In Two Days



The person who needed somebody to compose, record, and create their own collection in just two days.

3. Deserved Free Art


This person thought since he’s in the hospital they deserve the art to be free for them. Look at him how they are requesting for the art.

4. Web Designing For Free


Telling a person that they will be left with nothing if they don’t do your work, can be really a stupid idea. If you are asking people to do something you have to pay them and not act like an asshole. Click next.