What are the weirdest pets that you have seen? Would you be shocked to know that this woman has a pet stag beetle who also turns people crazy on twitter, for fun!

No kidding! Read on to know, how cool can a bug be.

The woman has the weirdest pet.


This woman is a English-teaching professor who lives in Japan. She has a pet stag beetle. The Japanese call this bug the “Kuwagata”.

This one lives with it’s mom and does artistic stuff.

He is an artistic one!


Although this might look a little strange to us in the west, a lot of Japanese people raise “Kuwagatas” at home.
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He’s called Spike and has some serious following


This lady calls her Kuwagata, “Spike”. And believe me, Spike’s one of the smartest. He even has a twitter handle, guys!

And he gets to go out with beautiful people too..


This woman loves Spike so much, she even takes him to date nights, and has dinner with him. And this isn’t It, you guys! There’s more. Read on!

Spike’s really strong!


The stag beetles found in Japan have samurai helmet-like horns. Their horns are very strong and they can hold objects twice as heavy as their own weight.

And it turns out that he’s pretty good with the paintbrush too


This bug’s got some really ace painting skills. And has a crazy grip on things. Check out his twitter presence on the next page.

Helps in cooking!


Twitter has gone crazy over this stag beetle and it’s tricks. Isn’t that mind blowing?


His first ever creation.


This is Spike’s first creation. This bug’s got more impressive work, continue to the next page for watch for yourself.

Spike loves painting objects.


Spike is inspired by objects around him and does his best when tries to paint them. And he has his own bed!


He has his own bed!


And he has his own bed too.

The snuggle bug!


And Spike’s a snuggler, ain’t that cute? 🙂