Perfectly Hilarious Illustrations By Dad Showing What Its Like Having Kids

For a father having a kid the most amazing that can happen to them. Parenting is a long and difficult journey where the parent has to care, love, nourish their kids into growing up a good person. Sometimes there might be situations that you might think that your parents hate you or they purposely try to make your life miserable, but it's not true. They do everything to make the best of you! Here we have some perfectly hilarious illustrations of such parenting moments that will make you laugh out loud!

Warning! Your jokes can destroy your kid’s childhood!


Rule #1 for parents, be careful what you say in front of your kids. What they don’t understand they remember, especially when they are eating cucumber.

When dad takes care of his responsibilities!


If only more dads taught this lesson every kid would be cool by now! It’s a dad-son thing, moms would never understand!