When Pets & Wilds Meet To Be Friends, They Become A Family For a Life Time

Nature has categorized every specie as per their habitat and environment, but some are born to be in one roof that is where the kingdom dwells

These are some of the adorable pictures taken with domestic animals when meet their wild friends under the same roof and how they tend to be one & never compare their supremacy on one another is something we need to see & check it out.

Together & Forever


This is a picture taken when these 3 dogs were young, & now being grown up they still prefer to stay as one for their entire life. Though they never show superiority over one another but they consider each other as equally important.

 Its a Foxy little thing for this Hound



It is said that Hounds hunt Foxes when they are trained to do so, this is a trained-born enmity between these two animals. But here things seems to be away round different to us when we look at these two.