These are some of the adorable pictures taken with domestic animals when meet their wild friends under the same roof and how they tend to be one & never compare their supremacy on one another is something we need to see & check it out.

Together & Forever


This is a picture taken when these 3 dogs were young, & now being grown up they still prefer to stay as one for their entire life. Though they never show superiority over one another but they consider each other as equally important.

 Its a Foxy little thing for this Hound


It is said that Hounds hunt Foxes when they are trained to do so, this is a trained-born enmity between these two animals. But here things seems to be away round different to us when we look at these two.

The French Bulldog & his Companion who is a Pig


An incredible unity where the french dog takes a snap with his sleeping companion & on the (right) you can see how the pig tries to set free his French friend from the dog collar that he is been tied up to.

 When, Then & Now

Well for this Labrador dog, his or her mate Athlete friend called ‘Cheetah’ share a moment during their young age & as well as now even today they are bond to be as one.

Hey Kitty.. Kitty.. Kitty.. Kitty..!!


If you are a cat lover you will surely want to buy these two kittens, you will love when they purr.. Now being big cats & know how to use things as they watch people use & understand how things can be used same just like humans do.

Unique EYE catching eyes these TWO have


Another Cat stuff to know as how you check on cats like a regular felines if you have any you may be knowing or may not be much familiar with their behavior. But having a look at these heterochromia eyes of these little one’s will make you love them.

Hey Bro, “Woow.. Woow”


A Pitbull & Jack Russell Terrier look alike breed are dog-bro’s for like. Though Pitbull’s are dominating by nature & try to over power other dogs, but these two seems to be called as ‘dog-brother’s’ made for each other.

They belong to the same Ancestors of their own


The Boxer breed dogs were pups when they came up in this house, now they are the results of introducing a puppy to a full-grown dog. Anyone from the family would wonder how the older pooch felt about his friend tripling in size before his eyes.



That’s how they ‘purr’ when they are together they look like they enjoy napping in the same way and in the same spot, regardless of age. Close to their well beings these felines seem to love to nap together always.

Mice & A Dog


It is had to believe this, as at times even dogs do the ‘cat work’ when there is no cat around in the house to eliminate rats or mice out of the house. But these 2 are buddies for a life-time it seems to be.

Now The Hare & The Dog


We have all heard the story of “The Hare & the Tortoise” story when we were kids, but these 2 peties are made for each other since they were small. Though they don’t have a race between each other the love to stay together as one.

When the guinea pig’s BEST friend is none other but a DOG what does it want more


You might wonder if these guys think they’re related as they have the same hair color! It’s cool how over time both the dog and the guinea pig’s hair grew darker in color and now both seem to be of the same generation friends.

These were some of the ‘Besties‘ who love to spend their time with the other. As being under the same roof they would love to be together no place for hate, aggression, superiority, ONLY LOVE for each other.