Helsinki-based artist Joachim Munter welcomes you to venture into the fairy-tale like wildlife of Finland through his photographs. Review his pictures of nearby forest animals, you immediately feel an intimate connection with the subjects, pinching yourself to check if you aren’t dreaming. Munter’s work turns out to be much all the more shocking after you understand how short his relationship with the camera is. I started photographing about 10 months ago,” he told sources. “I was more interested in landscape photography but I slowly started to become more interested in wildlife. I found it more challenging and rewarding.”

1. Motherhood


That is beautiful – a measure of trust with a hint of uncertainty.

2. The innocence of the squirrel.


It looks flattered for having a picture was taken, so sweet, a red squirrel!

3. The food tastes good


Those eyes – makes you happy to live in this world . . .

4. An elegant pigeon


Grace and beauty – what a fabulous shot.

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5. Another cover squirrel


Aaa tishoo! Good bless you!

6. Can I have a food?


The photographer is bribing them with food.

7. Mindful eating…


Oh my goodness! Love his fur color and he looks like he’s giggling!!

8. Those colors! Beautiful.


That chickadee is having quite the grappling match! LOL.

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9. Can I have one, please?


Excuse me, sir, I saw you handing out treats to the other critters..

10. AWWW! YES! Love those ears!


“Ah, Mr. Holmes…I’ve been EXPECTING you…”