These Pictures Of Bodies Frozen In Death Atop Everest Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

If at all you have read about the preparations for climbing Everest or the story of the famous George Mallory you would know how much strength and most likely the courage it takes to ascent that mighty mountain. Most people start training early on and dedicate their life just to make it to the ‘conquered Everest’ club. While we all might be fascinated with such stories of adrenaline there is also another wrecking sight to it. Mt. Everest provides the most testing and dangerous weather conditions and some people despite all their will and passion do not survive it. Stats provided by Wiki state that over 290 people have died climbing the Everest. Here are some images that show how conquering such heights can lead to the end of lives.

 George Mallory


Geroge Mallory climbed the Everest in 1924 after a previously failed attempt.  However the second time it is assumed that he was the fisrt man to conquer the Everest. A lot of arguments are based on this assumption. The above image is reported to be Mallory’s and his cause of death seems to be him falling off a cliff and a pickaxe striking him in his head, causing his death immediately.

Unknown Climber



The person in the above picture is not identified yet but it surely shows the harsh reality that lies above 8000 ft.

Francys Arsentiev


Francys wanted to conquer Everest with her husband, and the two became separated. She ran out of oxygen, had frost bites and the other climbers were unable to her at such a high altitude without risking their own lives. Ultimately they decided to leave her for the time being by the time they came back, it was too late.

“Green Boots”


Green Boots is the name given to this unidentified corpse however Wiki states that it probably belongs to Teswang Paljor. Turn next for more.