Pixel Makeup Is The Easiest Halloween Costume You’ve Been Looking For

Everybody is busy with the planning of Halloween costumes and makeup. But take 5 minutes and read the article and get all your answers for this Halloween costume. The new trend of Pixel Makeup for Halloween!

Welcome your inner 8-bit video game character.


When we think about the video games, we can see those pixeled videos, the images, and characters. Yes, you are right, we are putting our imagination into the makeup!

This Pixel Makeup is the easiest thing today!


You just need to spend some money on cosmetic products and if you want to add some more fun then go for a colorful wig.

It looks hard but it is not!


All you need face colors and cosmetics and the square-tipped brushes to paint it.

It will take your time, but its worth it!


You need to spend your little time, like one or two hours to paint it. But after this, you will be like why I have never thought of it before?

You just need Highlight and Contour skills.


Use darker colored squares in the spots you’d normally contour (hairline, underneath your cheekbones, etc.) and lighter ones in the areas you tend to highlight (nose, chin, forehead, etc.)

This is a last-minute costume.


Which asks only that you have a steady hand and the ability to smugly say, “Yeah, I know it’s awesome” over and over again to awed strangers.

You don’t have to do it on entire face.


Define your features, you instead “block” out focal points like your eyebrows, your nose, and your mouth to mimic the 8-bit pattern of early internet graphics.

That’s it!


Your Halloween makeup is ready, this will be your remarkable makeup. You are all set for this Halloween.