Busy with your party and while taking a video you get to know there is someone else in there enjoying with you. A ghost? Or a prank? after watching that party video again and again you see what exactly what it was. You are left baffled seeing a ghost haunting your party. Here is a story of a pop star who arranged a pool party and when she saw her party video she got to know about this white child ghost. Read the whole story down here.

Chinese-Canadian Singer Melo Lv


The pop star while hosting a pool party with friends got to see a ghost-like figure when they were all busy with their own thing. What if these type of things happen when you are busy doing something and realize it later that it was there.

The Party Video Was Watched Again And Again


Chinese-Canadian Singer Melo Lv confessed about watching the video again and again just to spot the ghostly image, after analyzing the video several times she saw something unusual in that picture, she was left terrified.

Reaction Of The Pop Star


After seeing the ghostly image her reaction was horrifying. She said, ”¬†When I think about it now, I still feel a little creepy” who graduated from The University of British Columbia. That’s very natural to see these type of reactions after an event like this.

How She Got To See The Ghostly Image


Some of her Instagram¬†followers and friends told her about this when they were watching this video. She couldn’t believe it at first but gradually when she paid attention she got to know that there is something.

Instagram Follower Who Spotted The Ghost


‘Mozelle_sturgisdamnnn’ is one of them who could identify the ghost in the video, and wrote: ‘Pause the video and you guys will see a ghost in the background.’

Focusing The Area


There were people who commented to focus on a particular area while ‘[email protected]’ told people to focus in the area above Ms. Lv’s left shoulder.

She Mentioned About Her Taste In Horror Movies


‘Jeffery_mitchellz’ stated: ‘Is it the stones? It’s like black and white.’ Ms. Lv said she enjoys watching spine chiller films, however, isn’t a big fan of horror films or any ghost related videos. She said on the off chance that, if she needed to watch them, she would drag a friend along to defeat fears.