We have seen many videos where these strong men fight each other to prove their strength, but fighting unprofessionally without any medical attention can be dangerous. Just like what happened with the powerlifter. Read the article to know more.

Andrey Drachev


Andrey Drachev a great athlete and a powerlifter from Russia, he is also the world and European champion in powerlifting. Andrey Drachev was professionally engaged in martial arts, as evidenced by records of his training.

Anar Alakh Ziranov

Anar Alakh Ziranov the 25 year old, AKA Anar Aliyar Allakhveranov, identified as an MMA adept.

This was mutual combat


It is said that the combat was mutual between them, both of the men removed their shirts and handed off their cell phones. According to Drachev’s friend, who was with him in the case, a group of people tried to draw the powerlifter’s attention, insulted him, and tried to initiate the conflict.

The sportsman offered the offenders to have one-on-one fight


Angry by the insults the sportsman offered the offenders to have one-on-one fight as he gave away his T-shirt and cellphone to the person, who accompanied him in the cafe.

Ziranov struck Drachev


As soon as the fight began Ziranov struck Drachev with a spin kick and the massive athlete fell.

Drachev died before he reached the hospital.


As soon as the powerlifter tried to get up he was kicked again, and once unconscious, Ziranov stuck him several times more in the face after which he died.

The fight happened in Khabarovsk.


The deputy chief doctor of the second regional hospital said, “A young man without signs of life was brought, immediately he was placed in the intensive care unit. For half an hour he was given a full range of resuscitation measures, which, unfortunately, did not succeed.”

The attacker disappeared after committing the crime.


The regional ICR reports that measures to locate and detain him are currently being carried out. Law enforcement officers blocked all transportation hubs in Khabarovsk, and the suspects’ image has been distributed to traffic police, patrol, and inspection services, as well as hotels and hostels in the Khabarovsk Krai region.