Prince Harry The ‘People’s Prince’ And How Princess Diana Inspired Him

Prince Harry is following closely in his mother's footsteps to become the People's Prince, and a son that the philanthropic-minded Diana would be immeasurably proud of today. Read the article to know hoe Price Harry became the 'people's prince' and hoe Princess Diana inspired him.

7. “make my mother proud.”

Prince Harry first visited the African country in his 2004 gap year, when he got involved in various charitable missions hoping to find something that would “make my mother proud.” He found it in Lesotho: Sentebale, which means “forget me not,” was named for Diana, and removing the stigma of AIDS/HIV was a cause célèbre for the late princess, who famously held the hand of an AIDS patient in the 1980s, when there was widespread fear and misunderstanding of the disease.

8. Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry attend Service of Hope following Westminster attack.

Harry recently stopped by an HIV support center in Leicester – one that Diana had visited in 1991 in her effort to bring awareness to the illness. “She was very good at breaking the ice,” said the prince of his mother, to which Teresa Jacques, a former cook and receptionist, replied: “If I may say so, sir, so are you.” Volunteer Betty Walker, who delighted Harry by showing him a photo of herself meeting the late princess, remarked: “He’s got a good heart, just like his mum.”