Prince Harry The ‘People’s Prince’ And How Princess Diana Inspired Him

Prince Harry is following closely in his mother's footsteps to become the People's Prince, and a son that the philanthropic-minded Diana would be immeasurably proud of today. Read the article to know hoe Price Harry became the 'people's prince' and hoe Princess Diana inspired him.

9. The mother and son duo are both dedicated to the well-being of children.

As William’s younger brother, or the “spare heir,” Harry had to work just a little harder to be taken seriously and shake the reputation of “Party Prince”. But Diana’s altruistic streak was always within him.

10. Prince Harry remembers Princess Diana’s legacy in powerful speech.

Prince Harry later on when in Angola for the HALO Trust charity, which works to eradicate landmines from rural areas. The poignant trip which saw Harry acting as a new patron for the HALO Trust’s 25th Anniversary Appeal took place 16 years after Diana’s memorable visit. “His mother was brilliant at getting the profile of the risk of mines globally recognized,” said Guy Willoughby, founder and chief executive of HALO. “Prince Harry clearly wishes to follow her magnificent example.”