A Quick Recap Of Luis Leaving Briana After A Fight With Her Family

Stella's happy homecoming, during the Oct. 2 scene of Teen Mom 2, went downhill quick, when Briana's mother continued grilling Luis about getting a job. He insisted he would do that "trucking" work soon, however, delayed it a bit since he needed to remain home for a few months and appreciate time with Stella.

Briana’s relationship with Luis has been through so much that it didn’t work as it was meant to. To know more about the reaction of Briana’s Family keep on reading.

Luis And Briana


After her ex-boyfriend, she started dating Luis and everyone thought that this relationship of Briana will work but couldn’t.

How Luis Cheated On Briana Several Times



Luis’s relationship with Briana has been tough as Luis had cheated on Briana during the relationship which led to their breakup. Briana’s family also had issues with Luis to know more click next page.