Teen Mom 2 show is one of the most viewed shows online, the show display the lives of teenagers as mom’s and how they struggle to make a family. The most important thing for these teen moms is to be good role model for the fans who watch them, but the moms have struggled to be good role models! In the show TM2 there have been many controversies caused by moms and their baby daddies, here we have a quick recap on such shocking controversies just so if have missed to see them! Read the article to know more…..

The Teen Mom 2 show.


The teen moms 2 show has been a platform for these teen moms to make a living by showing their struggle, many moms have been an excellent role model and some have failed the expectations of the fans!

Some might say controversy is necessary for the show!


The show has gained lot of popularity through the controversies created by the stars in the show. One might say that the show thrives on the controversial content for popularity!

Some shocking moments in the show!


The Teen Mom 2 show has had it’s fare share of some breath taking controversial moments. Here we give a quick recap of some of the major shocking moments…..

Wedding Off?


Jenelle was going through a lot when she was planning for her wedding and taking care of her new born. Both Jenelle and David a little fight before their wedding, the fight reached a point where Jenelle even said, “We can just cancel the whole f–king wedding.” But eventually things cooled down between them and they got married! For some more shocking moments of the show read on next page…..

Cough Up the Money


With Luis gone missing suddenly Briana was all left alone to take care of her daughter, Briana asked her ex-Devon, “It would be cool if you stepped up a little more, I need you to be here both physically and financially.” Devon paid for Nova’s kindergarten but soon he ran out of cash and Briana had to pay up, this made Briana quickly file for child support paperwork.

Separation Anxiety


Leah Messer might have made a big mistake when she decided to put her twin daughters in separate classes so they can develop their own identities. After the separation Aleeah said,  “I have butterflies, I’m feeling excited and scared.” But Ali was not happy with the separation from her sister even though the first day went better that expected! For some more shocking moments of the show read on next page…..

Dream Wedding


Finally after staying together for a year the couple Chelsea and Cole had their dream wedding, but they seem to have only one complaint, Chelsea joked, “We’re just going to keep popping out kids and we’re not going to be able to go anywhere”. It is a sign of relief that at leat one relationship is going great on the show!

Feeling Lonely


Kail who recently gave birth to baby Lux has lonely the entire pregnancy, her boyfriend Chris Lopez disagreed to a part of her life and the show. Though Kail is a independent and a strong woman, she said, “I just have like a lot of mixed emotions about it, sometimes I want him to be here and sometimes I’m like ‘f–k it.’” Kail added saying, “I feel like I’m about to do this by myself and I don’t care about the relationship but … he won’t even pick up the phone if he’s with another girl,”.