Random Guy Gives This Girl His Credit Card- She Sends Perfect Pictures Back

Will you miss the opportunity of buying anything when you are given a credit card? This is what this teenager girl faced when she was given a credit card by a guy who got refused after asking for a date.

It All Started With A Date Refusal


A guy asked Leagan out for a date but she refused his proposal. What he did after getting refused will leave you shocked.

What He Did To Win Her Heart


Just to win heart he gave his credit card details to Leagan, to which she was all baffled.

What To Do With The Credit Card?


She was all confused after getting the credit card details and what she did was just amazing.

She Bought A Bouncy House


On her way home she saw a bouncy house and all she could decide was to buy a bouncy house.

She Updated Her Move On Tweeter


She tweeted and told people about the incident which happened and invited people to play in that bouncy house.

 The Guy Finally Reacted


He questioned Leagan about the order she placed using the credit card and asked you seriously bought a bouncy house? She convinced him that he said anything.

What Else She Bought?


After buying a bouncy house she only had chicken nuggets and ordered nothing else.

When Her Tweet Got Reactions


People on tweeter commented and retweeted about this girl and said: “You’re my hero” and many more things. That was surely a great move by this teenage girl.