We usually don’t see these type of fishes around but when we do see them there is some kind of panic in everyone’s mind and taking late decisions can cause these type of problems. According to Sakhalin Info, a rare one-ton opah was caught by local Russian fisherman on the Kuril Islands, which is located in Russia’s Sakhalin Oblast region.

Rare Moonfish


The publication showed fishermen taking pictures with the rare Moonfish, as it was their impressive catch.

The Fishermen Are Under Observation


The men who discovered it are at present under investigation online after the fish passed on in their care.

Argument That Led To Dead Of The Fish


The fishermen who caught that fish went through some argument. They didn’t know what to do with the wish and that led to the death of this rare moonfish.

After The Fish Started To Rot


Once the fish had started to spoil, the fishermen cut the corpse into pieces and appropriated them to a place on the island named “fish safari.”

Questioned By The Scientists


After the fishermen got too many comments online, the scientist started to question them why they didn’t give the body to a museum for preservation.

The Largest Opah In 2014


The International Game Fish Association announced in 2014 that the biggest opah to be gotten around then was by Joe Ludlow. He got a 180-pound opah in San Quintin, Baja California in Mexico.

A Fish This Big Is Hard To Find


Despite what the number of individuals wanted to discover such an expensive catch, nothing is known about the opah’s science or nature. It’s accepted by the individuals who consider it that they spend the larger part of their lives in vast sea waters.

Negotiation With The Museum Curators


Day by day Mail announced that nearby angler couldn’t review a period they saw such a substantial catch. It’s asserted that the fishermen have consulted with exhibition hall caretakers to have better conduct later on.