Jo & Vee

Kail Lowry’s ex, Jo and his fiancé, Vee, are by far fan favorites of Teen Mom 2


Kail and Jo started off with a rocky co-parenting situation but have since become an inspiration for all separated parents…


The blended family works well together for Isaac, even though Jo and acre have their own baby daughter together now…


Baby girl Vivi is mama Vee’s tiny, adorable clone but the couple rather stay out of the Teen Mom 2 spotlight so we don’t get to see pictures of her often —>


She’s already got dad wrapped around her finger

And Jo has said that Isaac adores her as well and is a great big brother!

Growing up

She is so grown already and it just doesn’t get any cuter than her!

Jo and Vee have said they want more children but not right this minute because they’re busy planning their upcoming wedding!

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