Sometimes we are soo into the series that we tend to ignore the small important details in it. For some of us the opening credits and the ending credits do not matter to us. But here is a reason why you should pay attention on these credits. Read the article to know what the secret detail is.

Game Of Thrones opening credits.


Game Of Thrones has one of the best opening credits, the realistic map of each kingdom gives you a adventurous feeling and it also puts up a really interesting and amazing presentation of the show. But for GOT the opening credits is not just for show.

The Season 7 premier.


If you remember the Season 7 premier of the show Game Of Thrones, if you could remember the part where the Hound saw something interesting in the fire and started blabbering about it!?

The army of the dead.


Yes, the Hound saw the army of the dead just walking AROUND the gigantic wall, was there a way around the wall? A lot of fans were left shocked, scared and confused of how this could happen?

If they could do that, then why didn’t they do it before?


This left millions of fans confused and shocked, but if you want an answer I know exactly where you might find it. Lets find out…..

The opening credits.

Yes, you heard it right out of all the places the answer might be in the opening credits, the above picture is a shot of the opening credits from the Season 6, the wall!

Now look carefully!

This opening credit shot is from the Season 7, now all you have to do is look really carefully and notice something different in both the pictures.

You won’t believe.

Now if you look at it carefully you will notice that the in the second picture from Season 7 the entire sea is Freezing!

The army of the dead is coming!


Now it is concluded that the army of the dead ‘White Walkers’ are definately coming this winter! So brace yourself for an exciting Season 7 of Game Of Thrones.