Reasons That Just Tell You That You Are Not Meant To Get Married

Have you ever wonder that why people get married? Are you ready to get married? These tricky questions trouble you the most when you reach the a point in your life where usually people get married. So here we have made things easier for you, these 8 signs will tell you if you are fit to get married or not. Read the article to know these signs.

5. You can’t imagine about your wedding

You can't imagine about your wedding

While watching a wedding scene in a movie, you really can’t imagine how would you look in that gown or how’d you two exchange vows. You actually get a bit scared on the thought of wedding receptions, dance and all that stuff. That’s when you know you are not ready.

6. You love being indepedent

You love being indepedent

You love to stay alone without all the excess commitment issues, freedom to choose your own commitments. You love paying your own bills, having night outs and random solo trips.