Rescued Dog From Afghanistan By A Marine Changes Marines For Ever

Dog is mans best friend, it is not just a phrase but an actual fact. The phrase does not only apply to only dogs but it applies to all the animals. If you treat a any animal with love and care, the animal will return your kindness in unimaginable ways. Dogs are the most happiest creatures on the planet, they are an unlimited source of positive energy, having a dog can change your life! Here is a story of a marine who rescued a dog in Afghanistan and the dog changed the marine's life forever. Read the article to know more.....

Looks like you made a friend!


The other marines were very worried that what if the dog barked and gave away their location? But the dog was very smart, he learned not to make a sound when they were out patrolling. But the sad part was that it was time for Craig to leave his post and re-deployed somewhere else. But Craig did something amazing…..

Craig decided to sneak Fred in a duffel bag.


Craig decided to take the dog with him and 3 months later he got him home, now Craig decided to travel the coast with his beloved dog (Fred) for two months.