Here we have a shocking story where it has been confirmed that the Teen Mom 2 couple are back together? Which have been reunited? Read the article to know more about the story.

There have been many breakups in the entire season.

There have been many breakups and many hookups in the entire season. Which couple have been reunited? Is it Chris and Kailyn?

What are our options?

Is it ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Nathan Griffith and Jenelle? I don’t think so! Read on and find out…

About a month ago…

About a month ago we reported that Teen Mom 2′ stars have seen together a lot, the sources told us they had been spending time together with all of the girls and were even seen holding hands and kissing!

Jeremy Calvert & Leah Messer.

It has been confirmed from our sources that Jeremy Calvert & Leah Messer have been seen together around their town quite a bit.

The sources told us…

It looks like they’re finally ready for people to know that they have been spending time together. Leah posted photos of her and Jeremy all over her Instagram and snapchat!

Jeremy and Leah are definitely back together.

Jeremy has been staying at her house for the last month and things seem to be going really good for the two. They’ve both changed a lot since their divorce. Leah is in a much better place.

We hope that Jeremy has changed for the better as well!

They are currently filming another season of Teen Mom 2 so we will get to see all of this unfold once the new season comes out. We really hope things turn out better this time!

Isn’t this great news for both of them?

Don’t you think they make a good couple? After a lot of drama in the past they have finally put their past behind and have reunited again.