RHOC Housewives Star Lydia McLaughlin Announces She’s Leaving The Show Again

RHOC Lydia McLaughlin has recently announced she would be leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County. This is the second time in RHOC when Lydia McLaughlin leaves the show just after one season. According to The fashion editor Lydia, she can only handle one season of RHOC at a time and… Keep reading to unveil the entire story.

Lydia McLaughlin


Lydia McLaughlin is an RHOC contestant who joined the show in season 8 and stayed for only one season. Lydia McLaughlin along with her husband, Doug McLaughlin, runs NOBLEMAN magazine.

Departure From The Series



In November 2013, Lydia McLaughlin revealed there will be a ninth season for RHOC but she will be departing from the series. Lydia did not want to spend her life being a housewife.

Reason Behind The Departure


In an Interview, Lydia said: “After season 8, I decided to take a break and write a book and have my third baby. That was the right decision for me although many people didn’t understand why I would walk away.”

Rejoined The Cast Of RHOC


In May 2017, it was announced former housewife Lydia McLaughlin would return. After taking a break from RHOC for 4 seasons Lydia McLaughlin returned as a series regular. Keep reading to know more on next page…