RHOC Housewives Star Lydia McLaughlin Announces She’s Leaving The Show Again

Can Only Handle This Show One Season At A Time


Lydia McLaughlin in her blog told everyone is can only handle one season of RHOC at a time. She said “RHOC has given me a great platform and I’m grateful for that. However, I feel like I can only handle this show one season at a time.”

McLaughlin Needs A Break


In the same blog were she informed she can only handle one season at a time. Later she began saying she needs a break from the show. She can not be a housewife forever.


Family Vote, It Was Unanimous


Lydia in her blog she informed everyone that “There is a lot of good that comes from the show, but also a lot of negativity.” She went on adding “After a family vote, it was unanimous that I should take a break. Sometimes the people who love us the most see things even we don’t see.” Click next.