After the loss of a dear friend and reality television costar Christopher “Huge Black” Boykin, Rob Dyrdek has something coming to praise: he and spouse Briyana (née Flores) were expecting a baby girl. The couple shared recordings and photographs of the big announcement via social media, including now that they are a family of four.

Little Princess


The Ridiculousness and Amazingness star and spouse Bryiana – who reported back in June that a “little princess” is on the way.

Wedding Anniversary


The couple is excited about the child also shared that they have their 2 year wedding anniversary.

Welcoming The Second Child


They just welcomed their second child, a healthy baby girl named Nala Ryan. The precious child joined the couple’s one-year-old son Kodah Dash.

Caption Of The Picture


“She is an angel from heaven,” Rob gave a caption to the Instagram picture with the new baby girl.

The Couple Is So Happy To Have Her


Rob feeling overwhelmed about having the second child said “She is absolute perfection. She is our princess. She is Nala Ryan Dyrdek.”

Maintaining The Strength


Rob was so thankful to his wife for all the strength and is feeling so grateful for his family.

A Beginning For Nala


This is just the start of Baby N’s journey with her cherishing people. Offer your good wishes to the Dyrdek family in the remarks.